Mar 17, 2014

Lenten Challenges: Week 2 - Service

Monday: Service

Beginner: Thank a bishop, priest or member of a religious congregation for the service they provide to the Catholic faithful—invite them out for coffee or invite them to your home for a meal.
Intermediate: Buy a coffee for someone living on the street and learn their name and something about them.
Advanced: Find an organization to volunteer with and sign up to help out! (Message us if you need help with this one, we know lots of great organizations.)
Super-advanced: Do all the challenges listed above: beginner, intermediate and advanced!

Tuesday: The Prayer

Wednesday: Reflection

Do I view my day-to-day work as a way to serve others? How can I better develop a servant’s heart?

Thursday: Tips

The best help we can give to those around us is by doing our day-to-day jobs and tasks with joy and kindness.
What are your tips for serving others?

Friday: Sharing

What did you do this week to serve others? How did those around you react?

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Anonymous said...

In addition to bishops and priests, we should not forget deacons.