Jan 13, 2012

Analyzing Media Coverage of a new "Red Hat"

Apologies for a bit of radio silence over the last few days as one can appreciate the increased activity related to the January 6 announcement elevating Archbishop Collins to the College of Cardinals. Between media interviews and preparations for a Rome consistory, there hasn't been a lot of down time - let's just say we didn't exactly ease our way into 2012! Plenty of early days and late nights with more to come:)

For those who may be interested in how the media covered the story, thanks to my colleague Bill Steinburg in the Public Relations & Communications Office of the Archdiocese, we can offer a few bits of info on the breadth of coverage of this announcement:

- Total "media" captured coverage over 4 days (January 6-9) – 701 mentions of Archbishop Thomas Collins in the media.

  • 96 national stories

  • More than half the coverage came from two provinces – Ontario (294) and Alberta (138)

  • 73% of the coverage was from television/radio broadcasters

  • 18% was from print media outlets

  • Wire services comprised 5% of the coverage and web-based news sites represented 2%

From the 700+ mentions over the four days in question, some initial analysis identified 125 stories that were either significant and/or unique (rather than repeated mentions in a repeating news cycle).

Looking specifically at those 125 articles/pieces:

  • Had a reported circulation/reach of nearly 15 million (14,894,808); 3.5 million through national media: 8.7 million in Ontario and 1.1 million in Alberta

  • Represented an equivalent ad value of $176,770

  • Print ($107, 000) broadcast ($69,500)

We didn't expand the reach to American or other foreign mentions but this gives you a snapshot of the fact that yes, this is a pretty big deal.

Whether the stats are of significant interest to you or not, all in all it demonstrates that there was a whole lot of evangelization going on. We talk about reaching the gathered and the scattered and this story certainly permeated both groups.

Our eternal thanks to His Grace (for a few more weeks) for saying yes to pretty much every media request we've had of him over the last week. We're not done yet but what a ride it's been to date.

If you're looking for some raw footage of the Cardinal-designate at his media scrum outside of St. Michael's Cathedral on January 6, you can find it below.

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Teresa B. said...

How beautiful to speak at the foot of the statue of Mother Mary and the Saviour.
Great interview!
You have done a great job Neil in getting this all set up.
With so much negative media coverage of the Church - it is great to see a joy-filled moment in our local Church.