Nov 28, 2011

The New Translation what do you think?

With the new translation of the Roman Missal now in use throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that yes, that day has come and the sun did come up the next morning. In fact, initial reaction from many anecdotal conversations is that things went much smoother than anticipated.

In this way, we tip our hat to the clergy and lay staff of the Archdiocese in welcoming the new translation and preparing accordingly for its arrival. Bear in mind, for many of our priests this past weekend would have been like their first Mass all over again as the 2nd edition was the only one they ever celebrated. So if you felt a little awkward responding, "and with your spirit", just imagine what it was like for a priest to have to navigate through a huge number of changes.

Add to all of this, extremely tight deadlines on the delivery of the new Roman Missal, with some parishes receiving their orders from Ottawa just on Friday with a handful of others making other heroic efforts to make it happen.

Most importantly, we're going to start focusing on what we say and actually reflect on the words recited during the Eucharistic celebration. Whether you love the new translation or find some of the terminology awkward, we're talking about it. That's good news.

At the Cathedral Sunday, the Archbishop had the opportunity to brief the congregation at the start of Mass on the historic day in church history and talk a little about the changes, why they're being implemented and the prayer that this will bring us to a greater appreciation of the celebration of the Eucharist. All in all, it went very well, with parishioners equipped with pew cards and most people catching on to the new translation. Yes, there were a few "and also with you's" lurking in the distance but that's to be expected.

We had good media coverage as well - not a surprise that many of the stories found those who "liked" the new translation and those who didn't. Point counterpoint is the basis for most media stories but they were all done respectfully and I was actually surprised with the amount of secular interest on the story that would be most confusing for a non-Catholic reporter to tackle (that was the case with those I met on Sunday), including one camera operator who first went to the United Church Cathedral and would have certainly found a very different translation in use there.

I've heard of a few parishes where there were some mea culpas from clergy who reverted back to a 2nd edition reference - it shows we're all human. And another church where father, having heard the congregants use one of the "old" responses, smile and ask the congregation, "why don't we try that one again?'

Isn't this what a family does? We walk together and help each other when we stumble, we come together in unity, in prayer and mutual support.

If you feel so inclined, feel free to share your "first weekend" impressions in the comments section. Whether you're clergy or congregant, would be great to get your thoughts. You don't need to name your parish or region - remember though, in all things charity.

Thanks to all who have worked so hard to welcome the 3rd edition of the Roman Missal. As in all things in life we can't forget: prayer, patience and a sense of humour. We made it through week one:) And now the real heavy lifting begins...


Teresa B. said...

Something was said before mass about using the foldout program in the pews.
Great foldout program!
Then after the Sign of the Cross - we had the blessing of the Advent Wreath followed by the Deacon reading the Archbishop's letter.
I was surprised we didn't sing the English Kyrie - we just spoke it. And no Confiteor was recited.

It was also wise that our pastor kept looking down at his folder so others would see him and do likewise.

Many people were reciting the 'With Your Spirit.' Many said it louder and that made others stop saying 'And Also with You.'
Immediately after the Offertory song - our pastor re-reminded everyone to hold onto their program.(he waved it in the air)

There were many using their missal (St. Joseph's Missal)so they could read along - Fr. used the Eucharistic Prayer # III which was quite nice.

Father also had the ExtraOrdinary Ministers of Holy Communion stand at the foot of the sanctuary until after he had consumed the Body and Blood of Christ. Then he came down to them to receive and they stayed there and were given ciboriums from there.

Father did a solemn blessing at the close of mass but didn't actually say 'The Lord be With You' before the blessing.
I think he was also trying to make sure the Roman Missal was passed over to the Deacon so he could say the Dismissal. (I can't remember which one he used)

Didn't seem that ackward. I sing in the choir every other week and I was in with the congregation this week.
I hope we get to do the sung The Lord be with you - but that might not happen until Father is more comfortable with his parts.

Can't wait for the year to be up so we can use other sung mass settings that suit a traditional choir much more.
The chant mass setting is fine but it would have been better if we were consistent and used the ICEL Gloria that is part of the chant setting given. The ICEL Gloria is the universal English chant setting but in Canada we are not allowed to use it.

We have been told about the New Roman Missal for about a year.
So this was not a surprise.
I will have to remember to bring my Magnificat missal for weekday masses. I wish the St. Joseph's Missal had a weekday missal as we do not purchase products from Novalis.

Great to see all the media coverage! Watched Global last night and read the papers (online) today. Very postive!
Incredible how ignorant people are about the Catholic Faith in the comments sections though.

Great job of the PR Neil and co.

Brian said...

Our pastor was great. Embraced the new missal and recognized that things would be a little awkward for us but his enthusiasm was infectious. It didn't hurt that he had preached about it a few times over the last several months.

The choir was well prepared and had been to some of the diiocesan workshops. Thank God for those pew cards! I'll need mine for a while.

As Father said, "when you think of all the work does God in our lives, we can probably learn some new prayers."

Thanks for all the great info.

sromano said...

I experienced the New Mass three times in the first week of its installation.

The "And also with yous" made me chuckle, but I realized that while I used "and with your spirit" at other parts of the mass there was one time I completely overlooked it (sections of the mass that are more comfortable or 'busy' for a music minister)...

All in all, the 2nd Sunday was a lot smoother, and I enjoy seeing everyone sharing the pew-cards and pointing out where the changes are coming up. It brings a unique sense of community and coziness to the season of Awakenings!

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Except for the recalcitrant seated behind me,who refuses to use the pew cards and speaks loud enough to confuse me, it's great.

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