Jun 20, 2008

"One More Tabernacle & The Ultimate GPS System"

Friday morning, June 20, 2008 – the sun is shining brightly as we make our way into the Colisée today. Our featured continent is Oceania. This morning’s catechesis was led by His Eminence, Telesphore Pacidus Cardinal Toppo, Archbishop of Ranchi, India.

Cardinal Toppo spoke of the situation in his own country and relayed personal reflections ranging from the original missionaries bringing the Eucharist to the community to meeting with Mother Teresa who cited “Jesus in the Eucharist” as the source of her strength and ability to keep up her lifetime of charitable. She referred to every new community founded by the Missionaries of Charity as “one more tabernacle”.

His Eminence also spoke of the tremendous poverty in Asia, with statistics citing 2/3 of the world’s poor living in that part of the world. 1.9 billion people or 60% of Asia’s population live on an average of $2 US dollars a day while 21.5% of Asia’s population live on $1 US/day. Yet among the wealthy there are many who are dissatisfied, on an everlasting “restless search for humanity.”

This morning’s witness talk was given by Mr. Jose H. Prado Flores, Director/Founder of the San Andres School of Evangelization. He spoke in spanish of his own faith journey, comparing it to a can of Diet Coke – light, with zero calories. While he studied theology and was a student of the church, everything was in his head but hadn’t been transferred to his heart.

Filled with great energy and a knack for humour, Mr. Flores used several props throughout his presentation to illustrate his points. A frozen steak was presented to illustrate that his faith was frozen, a remote control touched on our desire to change the channel when life is not going as we would like. A road map was produced to speak of the fact that while God has ultimate control we still want to control the direction of our life and where we are headed.

Photos: Emanuel Pires

Finally a balloon was inflated to show that we can all be filled with the word of God – our tendency is to tie up the balloon as opposed to letting the Holy Spirit move where it needs to be. The visual of bishops and the congregation joyfully blowing up their balloons and just “letting go” was a powerful message that led to a standing ovation and plenty of food for thought.

Mr. Flores has helped found over 2,000 schools in 61 countries, providing evangelization to communities around the world. Today, another 11,000 were schooled in what it means to live one’s faith, to let go and let God be God…

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